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FREE trial

FREE trial

Get ready for Summer with City Cleaning

Now that we are transitioning away from spring and into the summer season, you should consider how brushing away those cobwebs will provide your colleagues and employees with a bright and fresh start to summer.

Consider the effect that a deep cleanse could have on your premises for the coming summer months, flies, rodents and other pests generally come back to life and tend to multiply at this time of year.

By scheduling regular cleaning cycles, waste bins and food sources will be kept to a minimum and the general hygiene levels within the premises will improve. Not only will this deter pests, but will provide an environmentally friendly place for staff to work.

If your cleaners currently work a minimum of 10 hours per week, then we would like to offer you a free trial from City Cleaning, for a week.

We will arrange for a member of our management team to visit you in person, talk through your requirements and build a cleaning or facilities management package that suits you.

Once you are happy with the package that we have proposed and you have opened an account with City Cleaning we will perform the first weekly cleaning routine for free.

In the unlikely event that you are either unsatisfied or do not wish to proceed with regular contracted cleaning service, we will thank-you for your time and part company.

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?